My ships will all sail

Apr 24


I like fluff, but anything would be good. I want to write!

  1. sleep-is-heaven answered: Sebastian meets logan on the rebound, then Julian comes inand Logan guesses some of their past (at least)
  2. miyukikazuyaismine answered: Jogan- first I love you’s
  3. ddardstark answered: DWEREK - FIRST … ANYTHING. Kiss, time, date, anything!
  4. then-that-makes-two answered: Jogan with the senator and Michelle!!!! That or future!jogan!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeee and thank you!!!
  5. thebigbadwolfandlittlered answered: If you dicide to write chapters or something PLEASE PLEASE DO A ZOMBIE PIC WHERE THEY LIVE IN THE END! PLEASE!! I NEED IT!!
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